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What is leasing?

Leasing is a valuable tool for suppliers of equipment to businesses that would otherwise fund the purchase via capital expenditure.

Offering finance is proven to drive an increase in sales by overcoming the most common barriers to purchase. Finance enables your customers to purchase the latest technology with very little upfront cost and fixed monthly repayments.

Increasing numbers of equipment suppliers are offering the benefits of finance plans to their customers in order to close more sales. In the year to date, asset finance contracts written in the UK rose to over £31 billion (source: FLA).

Offering finance options adds value to your sales model and can act as a clear differentiator when your customer is choosing between suppliers.

Finance can increase your average customer transaction value, and enables suppliers to bundle services like warranties which offer benefits to both supplier and customer for a fixed monthly fee.

Financing the purchase with a lease or hire purchase agreement can enable your customer to stay within budget, and also improve tax efficiency by offsetting payments against revenue.

What can Halo do for your business?

“When we approached our bank for a short-term loan they were less than helpful. Luckily, we found Halo quite the opposite – within 48 hours we had funds in our account”

Director, EcoEgg

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Flexible finance options

Finance for startups

We help businesses of all sizes, from startups to established companies. Whatever your circumstances, we can arrange finance for almost any business need.

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Whether you need a loan or finance to purchase a specific asset – even software – we can help. Unlike other brokers, we can even lend our own funds. As a result, we get 95% of applications approved.

Specialist sector expertise

From franchise finance to renewable energy and P2P lending, Halo has specialists that understand your business finance needs.

Low interest finance

Because we work with a panel of over 65 lenders, we can always access the most competitive rates in the market. Contact us for our lowest rates.

Don’t fear rejection! We get 95% of applications approved

Finance for almost anything your business needs



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