• Car Finance

Halo can arrange finance on your car – whether for business or personal use. We can also source vehicles if required. Choose from one of the following options:

Hire Purchase (HP)
HP offers a simple, straightforward way to spread the cost of a car.
You choose the deposit (typically 10% – 50%)
Payments are fixed for the agreed period (typically 12 – 60 months).
Tax Allowances for business users.
VAT free – no VAT on your payments.

Finance Lease
Leasing a car provides tax benefits for business users as 100% of the rentals can be offset against your Corporation Tax bill. At the end of the term you can hand the vehicle back or sell the vehicle and retain 95-99% of the sale price.

PCP offers the greatest flexibility at the end of the agreement and is an increasingly popular car finance option. If you are opting out of your company car scheme, this could be the best choice for you. Low risk – guaranteed future value agreed at the outset, low fixed monthly payments, you have the option to: purchase the car by paying the agreed residual value, part-exchange for another vehicle, sell the car privately and settle the residual, or return the car with nothing more to pay (subject to mileage and condition).

Contract Hire
Best for companies and individuals that are VAT registered as up to 100% of the VAT can be reclaimed. Contract Hire can include full maintenance. At the end of the contract the car is returned, eliminating any depreciation risk. 100% of rentals can be offset against taxable profits – the assets remain off your balance sheet.

Hire Purchase with Balloon
This is a great alternative to a standard HP deal for those wanting to reduce the monthly payments. These lower payments are achieved by offsetting a balloon (a lump sum at the end of the agreement calculated from the estimated future resale value).

Variable Rate Hire Purchase
Different to an HP agreement where interest is fixed, Variable rate HP tracks changes in Finance House Base Rate (FHBR). Choose either a Balanced Payment Plan -fixed payments, variable term* or Day-to-Day Interest -variable payments*, fixed term.
┬░depending on fluctuations in FHBR.